Pablo Picasso. Reborn as a Neural Network. A unique NFT collection.
our project
thepicassoproject intersects fine art and NFTs. Our neural network learned painting from Pablo Picasso and we built it to create completely original artwork. No layers or post-processing. This collection comprises of 10,000 stand-alone pieces, beautifully diverse, and unique by design.
Minting now
Our artwork is available right here for 0.4 SOL (~$5). The minting process (creating an NFT) is inherently random and individuals will receive a surprise artwork from the collection. Never minted/acquired an NFT before? We created a how-to for you.
Minting in bulk? Mint 50 or more NFTs and we will send you a free metal print. You choose the artwork and we'll do the rest - just contact us via email:
Our Partners
We are partnering with non-profit organizations that make art accessible to more children. We will donate 10 % of our mint funds and future royalties to our partners.
Each year in the U.S., an estimated 15,780 children between birth and 19 years of age are diagnosed with cancer. Kids & Art provides supportive, hands-on arts experiences designed to bring a creative boost of positivity, normalcy, and joy to children with cancer and their families.
The International Child Art Foundation seeks to cultivate schoolchildren's creativity and grow mutual empathy worldwide. Five million children have benefitted from the ICAF, producing original works under the Art Olympiad and other ICAF programs.
Give Kids Art provides art programs to ignite creative exploration and self-expression in underserved children living in Los Angeles and beyond. The goal is to promote self-love, joy, and healing in an environment where anything feels possible.

Q1-Q2 2022. Initial phase.

  • Build team
  • Construct Neural Network and curate training dataset
  • Train our Neural Network
  • Create 10000 unique artworks
  • Confirm that no two works are identical

July 2022. Public release.

Q3-Q4 2022. Community building.

  • Start our fine art community on social media
  • Grow our community

Q4 2022. Mint prep.

  • Establish mint framework and ensure stable mint
  • Enable credit card minting
  • Create how-to tutorial
  • Include mint functionality to website

December 2022. Mint.

  • Minting now
  • Donate 10% of mint funds to support art projects for children

Q1 2023. Highlight art.

  • Each person minting one of our NFTs will get whitelist access to our next project
  • Highlight artwork IRL exhibitions
  • Community vote on next steps

Q2 2023. thepicassoproject 4K.

  • Upgrade hardware using minting funds
  • Launch 4K version of Neural Network
  • Create HUGE IRL prints of our NFTs
about us
We are a group of art-lovers and science PhD students with a passion for AI and Neural Networks. thepicassoproject originated after an inspiring visit to the Picasso museum in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Our mission is to create beautifully diverse and original NFT art, building on the emotions, styles, and creativity of Pablo Picasso. This project celebrates the innovative spirit of Picasso and the power of Neural Networks.
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how to mint an nft
thepicassoproject is designed to be accessible to everyone, from first time NFT buyers to highly experienced users.
I want an NFT and do not want to deal with any cryptocurrency or wallet
I want an NFT and would like to store it in my own virtual wallet
I want an NFT and already have my own cryptocurrency and wallet
All options can be followed from a desktop or a mobile phone. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to us on Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or via email:
Option 1: Credit Card and E-Mail
Choose this option to keep it simple and straightforward. Great for first-time NFT buyers.
Step 1
Click the "Buy with credit card" button. Please make sure to have pop-ups enabled in your browser.
Step 2
Type in your email address and click "Continue". You will receive a verification code sent to your email.
Step 3
Click "Continue" and enter your credit card information. Crossmint is a secure platform powered by Stripe pay.
Step 4
Wait for Crossmint to mint your NFT.
Step 5
You minted an NFT! You can now view it on It is associated with your email address, and now you can transfer it to any wallet that supports Solana at no cost. See option 2 for details on transferring.
Option 2: Credit Card and crypto wallet
Choose this option to get your NFT directly in a personal wallet, no email required. If you don't have a wallet, you can download it here Phantom wallet. If you are using a wallet app on iOS or Android, please open our webpage from within the wallet to enable minting.
Step 1
Click the "Buy with credit card" button. Please make sure to have pop-ups enabled in your browser.
Step 2
Click on the bottom right to connect your wallet. Your wallet will pop up and request you to approve this connection.
Step 3
Click "Continue" and enter your credit card information. Crossmint is a secure platform powered by Stripe pay.
Step 4
Wait for Crossmint to mint your NFT.
Step 5
You minted an NFT! You can now transfer it to your Solana wallet at no cost. Click onto "Transfer to my Solana Wallet".
Step 6
Open up your wallet and click "Deposit".
Step 7
Copy your wallet address.
Step 8
Paste your wallet address and click "Save wallet". Then click transfer.
Step 9
You can now see your NFT under collectibles.
Option 3: Solana and crypto wallet
Choose this option if you already have a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency (SOL). If you don't, you can download the Phantom wallet and deposit SOL from Coinbase. Plan ahead, new funds in Coinbase are locked for up to 5 days.
Step 1
Click connect wallet and accept the connection in the pop-up.
Step 2
Click "Mint".
Step 3
Approve the transaction in your wallet.
Step 4
Your NFT will now appear under collectibles.